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large white marquee next to a yellow field

Create a Stylish Event Space with Marquee Hire in Ipswich

Upgrade any location into a stunning venue with Barry Dye Entertainments. Looking for a unique and versatile event space? Our marquee hire service in Ipswich is the perfect solution! Marquees offer a stylish and flexible option for weddings, corporate events, product launches, summer soirées, or any occasion where you need a temporary venue. Contact us today for all your requirements. 

Years of Experience

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Fully Equipped

Marquee Hire

We have a range of marquees in various sizes to suit all occasions.

These include ‘Clearspan’   ‘Oriental’   ‘Capri’  and ‘Espree’


‘Clearspan ‘ marquees are the most popular  - we have 9m  or 6m span , and each can be extended in 3m bays 

to make almost any length required.

‘Orientals’ (or Top Hat – as some people know them) we have in 5m x 5m  or 3m x 3m   .

Like sizes can be joined.  3m x 3m  are also popular as an entrance  porch  to a clearspan marquee.

‘Capri’ & ‘Espree’ are a unique design and particular suitable for summer parties where a ’ less formal’ structure is preferred.

We can also provide a 2m wide  ‘Marquee Walkway’  which can be used to link a marquee to a building or as an entrance porch.    As an entrance to a marquee for a special occasion we can provide red carpet flooring if required.

‘Clearspan’ & ‘Oriental’ marquees can be lined if required, and of course we can provide flooring, chairs & tables, dance floor, staging ,  lighting and sound equipment as required.

Staging & Catwalks

Whether you're planning a fashion show, a music concert, or need a focal point for speeches, our custom staging and catwalk solutions are designed to suit your specific requirements. We set up professional-grade stages and catwalks that improve the event experience.  We also provide lecterns for delivery of speeches or compering.

"One of the best; you will not find better."

Roy S.

Let Us Create The Perfect Marquee Venue!

Contact us today for a quote and consultation.

Call us on: 07831 700799
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